Thursday, October 16, 2008

Now We are Four

Four short years ago, two lovely ladies came into my life. Today is there’s to celebrate. Again, really as we partied hard on Thanksgiving weekend.

There were haircuts. (‘cos who doesn’t like to look snappy at a party, especially when they party is yours!)

Thanks so much to Jamie at Escape Salon & Spa for the cuts and the laughs. See you Friday for the nails!

There were cakes. My mom baked them (to order, no less) before coming down to visit and set the girls to work icing and decorating them. When you are 4 there is lots of work to do. There might have been some sampling of the icing going on there too.
I love that their paint shirts look like lab coats since cooking and baking is always like a science experiment, especially when the girls are concerned.

Then people showed up and we partied. Calla looks a bit like Steve Tyler here! Rock on, Calla!

We played Duck, Duck, Goose! And playdough and tag and had adventures on the swing set because the weather was FANTASTIC and the leaves made the back yard golden.

I swear these leaves were green 3 days ago and they turned from pale yellow to orange over the weekend. I was so happy to have spent the whole time outside in the back yard dodging the falling walnuts (courtesy of the squirrels).

The next day we celebrated Thanksgiving and gave thanks for bunk beds, Grandma, family, crayons, and turning leaves and jokes and smiles and having someone’s hand to hold, and turkey!Then we debated all week about the fact that they weren’t actually four yet. But this morning there was no doubt. It was time to be four. We celebrated with a special breakfast (because their dad is picking them up tonight after work for the weekend). Strawberry pancakes and whipped cream is a great way to start off being four. I hope they have a great day and that they enjoy their fourness as much as I am already enjoying it.

At four, my girls are cracking jokes, putting away their own dishes, stiring everything they can in the kitchen, putting their own clothes in the hamper, helping with laundry, playing really well together, sharing and saying Please and Thank You. They are also learning songs in two languages, can count to 20, and backwards from 10, can write their own names and get themselves all dressed, including outerwear. I think they are wonderful and I'm very thankful they are mine!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Finished Objects - They Can Happen

This is a quick post to show you some of the finishing up I have been at this season past.

You may recognize these as the finished product of the little girl size of Mommy Can I Have Some Too which were worn for 5 seconds longer than it took to snap the picture and then were cast off with the plaintive cry, "Mommy, they're itchy!" And have not been worn since. Who knew Regia could be so offensive (I love them myself). I have to reknit the toe on one of mine before I'll model them.

Next on the list were these lovely socks, also knit from Regia in the Avenue Color. (I love all German labels, they are so easy to pick out the colourway.) These were also worn for 10 seconds. However, it is getting colder and they are looking more appealling by the minute.
While at Almonte's Celtfest, I knit like a mad fool all afternoon while listening to Celtic Music and pretty much finished up one of these socks. They are made of Noro Kureyon which was very crunchy stuff but bloomed beautifully when I washed them. I'm waiting for the day I forget to hang them up to dry and they turn into itty-bitty socks that no one will wear (even though I don't think they're itchy at all.)

On my holidays this year, I decided to take along UFOs. When I took up with this one again I thought it was almost finished. Ha ha. I had 15 repeats of the pattern to go. Each of them took me between 2 and 3 hours.

However, it is 3 inches shy of 8 FEET LONG. Made of wool, cotton, acrylic blend. I wore it to Nelson and Carrie's wedding last weekend and it was perfect. The pattern is from Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle. Depite the fact that it took me 5 years to finish it, I suspect I started this and it was too advanced a design. I've come a long way in my obsession, I mean craft, since then.

This wasn't a UFO. It was a complete redo of loving socks made for Bruce. The ones I made last year turned into slouch socks and were not being worn. As the yarn cost me $20, I ripped them out, re-skeined them and knit the suckers again. Now they fit and just look at that fetching pose on the sock model!
Now this is not a UFO. This is inspiration. I might have bought a bit of fibre on my trip. No wonder I'm brimming with ideas for new stuff. I wish I had six arms and a house cleaner!

Soon I'll show you the yarn Kromski and I have made together.