Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Girls!

Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Lend me your ears.

The girls have turned three. A triad of years to romp, stomp and roar. Thrice twice in fact. Having two three-year olds fills the house like 10 children running and jumping and rolling around on the floor. Two three-year olds is practically your own orchestra! And music is one of their great loves. They love to sing. They love to dance. They like all kinds of music: Celtic, Cape Breton Fiddle, classical and, God help us all, country. I know they listen to it at Josie's.

Everyone enjoyed a fab party on Saturday. There were balloons, musical chairs (during which all participants cried) and a pinata! The floor was littered with excellent gifts! (If they didn't get the chance in the chaos and mayham to actually say thank you, they would like to extend their gratitude with chocolate covered faces.

The House Giveth

In other news, the weekend saw some modifications to the modified fireplace. A few years ago, my mom and dad had a gas insert that looks like an authentic coal fire installed in my hearth. I am extremely glad that they did this because if I had tried to light a fire in the original fireplace, I'd have burnt the house down. No liner and billion years of detrius laying around it. As he was digging out the old, icy tiling that surrounded the original coal box, he found a couple of very interesting items.

A Christmas card that looks like it came from the 20's or 30's. Santa drives a Model T Ford and is tossing presents for all the good girls and boys as he put-put-puts through the Christmas Eve night.
(Don't be surprised if you receive one of these for Christmas this year!)

And a tin picture frame from an insurance company. It says:
The Reliance Loans and Savings Company of Ont
Loans made on Improved Farms and City Property
Debentures Issued and Deposits Received.

It's got an Art Decco flare to it and two little girls in bonnets are peering out a window into a water colour landscape. And there is room in the bottom right for a photograph to go.

There was also a box of fish food which had instructions on keeping your gold fish alive and well which was stamped by a pharmacy in Carleton Place. No date though.

It doesn't quite make up for the fact that I have to replace the furnace, but there is some balance there.

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