Monday, November 26, 2007

And They Said It Couldn't Be Done

Last Saturday night, the event of the year took place. Corkery Road and their loving spouses/partners in crime got together at Charlie and Ann’s for a soiree sans instruments. Now, we are a good group of friends and everyone did already know one another, but c’mon, the idea of not having instruments (or knitting) sent more than a few of us into a dither. Ok, I was the only one in a dither about the knitting. But Gord did give his accordions ample pets before he left Orleans.

However, we were in good hands. Barb, the evening’s event coordinator, brought games for us to play and Laura made the smashing suggestion of bringing along old photos of ourselves to share around the group.

Here we are ready to place our bets on the pony's. A roll of the dice (one for the colour, one for the number of spaces moved along the Red Sea) and every one got into the action. This was made even more fun by our group inability to tell the colour on the die because of the intensity of the Red Sea. These are some of Laura's winnings. As with any game, there are winners and losers. Charlie would like it if Barb could send the Red Horse straight to the glue factory.
Here, Hagen is feeling the intense love of the two-handled golf driver. At first, although knowing this club was a joke, I admit that I just didn't get it. Until I picked it up for myself...
This is the moment in which I light up the whole freaking room by the 100-Watt lightbulb going on over my head. I am obviously not built to play golf in the conventional style, but I could breathe while using the second handle too. Tiger Woods, eat your heart out. Thanks Ann for allowing us to come over to your house to play. I can't wait to do it again. Hey, wait, we are going to do it again. And soon!