Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Every mid-winter deserves a bit of crazy fun. So what we did was cram as many people with instruments as would fit in the living room, loaded up the kitchen table until it groaned under the weight of the food and set people to doing what they love the most until the wee hours.

Marian is always the first to arrive and almost the last to leave. This woman knows how to party.
The only folks who did not bring an instrument and arrived dead tired from walking and skating all day. Glad they made it
Don of accordion and Fairy Yarn Father fame was a mid-party surprise arrival. And where had he been, to Norwood for DOG SLEDDING. I love this country!
David and Joan, the good folks who put me on YouTube.
They also brought the Orgasmic Chocolate Cake. You can visit anytime!The only instruments the girls were allowed to touch were our own. Here Calla is showing Barb her tune.
Arlene is a wicked fiddle player and what a comedian too! Her hair and her silk matched.
Nothing like wall-to-wall friends.

And it's just not a party until someone gets out a wig.
And it just ain't a party until someone gets out the wig. I'm happy to say the girls got the wig out.

What? I look as good in it as she did!Andrew was AMAZED. (You didn't think I'd post this, did you.)

I have discovered that John loves attention. That is one of my word magnets. Can you read it?Apparently, he is repulsive.

Next party is in the Spring. And it will be a dress up party. There will be prizes. Stay tuned. I'm inviting MORE PEOPLE to that one. I hope we can have it outside.

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