Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How Fortunate am I

A while ago I looked at something I haven’t looked at in years.

This little suede pouch will be fondly remembered by Veronica. We each bought one at The Bay in London’s Westmount Shopping Mall when we were 13 or 14. I don’t remember what they cost, but to me it’s just priceless and I’m so glad that I have kept it. What you are looking at is not just a suede pouch, but a bag of treasures. Anyone looking at the assortment of oddments would think to themselves, what a load of rubbish, but to me each thing in this trove is a symbolic memory wrapped in wonder.

There is the little piper ornament from my first birthday cake. He is my first and most enduring piece of classical sculpture.

There are Tiffen Tokens that represent all manner of coins and commerce.

There is a bottle full of potpourri which inspired many love philtres and potions. Once upon a time, it also smelled quite nice.

There is a “golden” headband ala Oliva Newton-John (this was the ‘80s folks) that I used to wear like a crown when I wanted to feel regal. You can see part of it in the little piper picture.

And there was this:

It is a little compact. I suspect it once held powder, and when my grandmother gave it to me, it was empty, but not for long. I filled it with cut-glass gems from dilapidated costume jewellery and four little pieces of paper.

Fortunes saved from numerous trips to the local Chinese food restaurant when I was a teen. Now, many of you will know that I am, deep down, a superstitious sort of person. I believe in Fate and Providence and a pantheon of gods and goddesses that watch over us as we stride and blunder our way through our confusing and rewarding lives. And what did they say?

1. You are protected by silent love and friendship.
2. Wisdom is knowing when to change your mind.
3. You will live long and enjoy life.
4. Your destiny is to be famous.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think every once in a while I think we all need to stop and remember how blessed we are, even when or especially when we are beset with adversity, troubles and trials (which I am currently not, unless you count the looming tax time…which I don’t).

When my marriage broke up I felt like I was in the darkest moment of my life…and perhaps I was. But the demise of that relationship shed light on the many, many people who were waiting to help lift me up and remind me that the sun still shone and my life would get better. And not just a few people came to help me out in their own ways, but a crowd of people. All that silent love and friendship changed my life forever and I appreciate every one of you who helped me regain my feet and my self respect.

The wisdom of knowing when to change your mind is something we all struggle with. How do you know you are making the right decision? Only through trial and error and let’s face it, when you are already in your trails, a little change can do a lot of good.

Nice to think I’ll live a long life, but at the rate I’m living it, I may feel a bit like Methuselah by the time I’m 40. Wait, let me amend that, I feel like Methuselah now!

And if my destiny is to be famous, I hope the rest of the Roadies are coming along for that ride too! We already are famous…locally. My hope is that I can remain on the side of famous and stay away from infamy!

Strange eh, that something from the end of my childhood could resonate so much that I am again infused with inspiration. I think there is no little magic laced into this bag. It carries a great deal of power and I am fortunate enough to recognize it and remember.

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greatapts said...

Yes, I do remember that little bag and I only hope mine, which I still have somewhere amid all the packing boxes, will resurface again and remind me of my treasures from long ago. Funny how those things from so long ago make that moment of rediscovery so special. Almost like a break in time to remind you of what your life is really about.
Now if I could only find my break ;)