Thursday, August 2, 2007

All 9 Muses

I've got one. I've talked about it long enough, and now I'm jumping in with both feet. I have joined the blogosphere. My purpose here is to keep track. Of what, you ask? The siren call of all my Muses. There will be Music and Knitting, Mothering and Musing, Writing and Ranting, Painting and Photography, and Me. My life is full of exciting and sometime tremulous moments. My nearest and dearest get to hear about them, usually at excited (perhaps sometimes overwhelmng) high volume. However, with each retelling, sometimes the shine comes off a bit with wear. This way, each of you can approach first-hand what I'm doing. As as needs be, have a little lie down at your leisure while I motor on.

As you might already have noticed, I like order. There's a lot going on and I don't want to miss any of it. I also don't like spending time looking for it (whatever it is). For example I don't like tearing apart the house looking for a CD of pictures which I've left in the stash room while also looking for sock yarn. Knitters, you know what I'm talking about. My life is all about multi-tasking. The topics of this blog with be...varied. I can't guarentee what you're going to find from post to post. Whichever Muse screams the loudest whither shall I follow. I'm helpless to do otherwise.

Philosphy behind it all
I've long understood that the Muses in my life call at their whim, not mine. In university, this meant that when essays and exams were all approaching at mind-numbing, breakneck speed, that would be the time I would have the greatest urge to write my book. Bending your will to the Muse means also bending the space/time continuum and when you can crack that, baby, you can really get stuff done.

So this is a place where I will do my own musing about my life and all the things that touch it. Expect many joys, a few sorrows, adventures, confusing half-conceived concepts, wise-cracks, etc. We're on this journey together now.

What's up next?
And speaking of journeys... I'm about to go off on one. With luck, there will be WiFi. As well, there will be music clips, photos and general mayham as The Man and I head East to Gaelic College for Music Camp. I'll post as I can.

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