Saturday, August 4, 2007


So, here we are in Gagetown. We drove through Montreal instead of leaving it until the morning and we were glad we did. There was hardly any traffic and a spectacular storm systme was moving in front of us offering up amazing cloud to cloud and ground strike lightning. From a little elevator conversation I had this morning, apparently all those ground strikes were happening in the place we ended up staying: St Hyacinthe (one of 10,000 Saints in the French-Canadian world).

However, St Hyacinthe was not the only place where there was action going on last night. No, no. After enjoying an evening at the Riverfest Jam in our home town of Carleton Place, Tara the dog sitter came home to let Shiela out and discovered the hard way that there was a skunk in the back yard. Nothing like capping off a great evening with a bit of eau de skunk. According to Tara, the dog beat a hasty retreat, threw herself upstairs, through a babygate and hid on one of the twins' beds. And all this was relayed to me at 2:08 am. I'm happy to say my evening had been much more tranquil.

Later I'll tell you all about our stay in Gagetown. There will be music and singing (surprise, surprise) and yarn and homemade jam. And pictures. Here's one for the road, which we are about to get back on.

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