Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake

There’s been a whole lot of music and partying going on around here.

Corkery Road played a gig at The Old Mill at Ashton a couple of weeks ago. It was our first time playing there and it was a treat. I had worked overtime that day and was pretty wiped out by the time I got to the pub, but I had revived myself with a bit of new yarn from Kelly at the Ashton General Store (which I have yet to take a photo of, so stay tuned) and a new shawl construction book. Thank you for letting me in eventhough you were already closed!!!

When we got to the pub, we discovered it packed with a whole tournament’s worth of rugby players. What an interesting crew rugby players are. For all I know, they are accountants and computer programmers by day, but put a jersey on their backs and they become something else entirely. On the field, they can become testosterone driven animals intent on two things: killing things that get in their way and scoring goals. But afterwards, they return to the social element…beer. And lots of it.

Just before we ate, we watched these men choose the winning teams’ “man of the match” which was followed by an amazing chug contest. The trick, my lovelies is not to swallow. Just tip your head back and try not to let it come out of your nose.

When that was finished, one of the props came up. And how do I know he was a prop? Simple, he was the biggest bastard in the bar and had size 14 (or so) feet. This is important because he was there to recognize and celebrate a player’s very first goal ever. The man’s prize? ¾ of a pitcher of beer. Drunk from one size 14 “well seasoned” rugby shoe.

I would much rather have watched them perform live sex acts on a goat.

Luckily, despite these manly, barbaric acts, every one used their utensils to eat and some of them even stayed for the show. In fact the table with the big prop supplied John with a hat to wear while he sang one of his tunes. Considering the number of get-ups I’ve seen John wear in the last 2 years, I am not surprised they wanted him to put on the tam.

The Barley Shakers have been active and making much music in the last couple of months. I haven’t had the opportunity to play much with them because of conflicting schedules but on Sunday May 4, we took part in the Almonte Kitchen Ceilidh to help raise funds for the Danny O’Connell Memorial Fund to help up and coming local fiddlers. From what I heard, the show was excellent. The Old Town Hall filled up so fast during the Barley Shakers performance, we didn’t have any where to sit, so faced with the thought of nothing more to do, we went back to Bruce’s and jammed away the rest of the afternoon and then headed over to the Ironworks Pub to jam some more. Great night.

Since the weather has turned beautiful, almost an instant summer, I have been mucking around in the gardens. Because of the business of last summer and the amount of rain we had, little was done last year. One of my gardens wasn’t weeded at all, causing it to make my place look a bit like a crack house. Well after much toil and sweat, I have 4 of my 5 gardens cleaned up and some of them even mulched. I have a few more to go, but the black flies are out in a plague and are making it so gardening is a bit of a blood sport after the sun goes down. Again, no pictures yet. I promise, if the sun is still nice when I get home, I’ll take some and post them later.
This weekend past, my mom was up to visit. We had a great time doing a bit of shopping for gardening things, and she’s responsible for one of the gardens looking so nice. While she was here, we celebrated both Mother’s Day and my Birthday. Although my birthday is tomorrow, I have always been fortunate enough to spread the joy over a week or sometimes two, if I’m lucky. It’s not about the gifts, but the good times and we all like them. So there was cake, and there were flowers and there was much good cheer.

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