Friday, May 16, 2008


You know, sometimes, when you least expect it, a party breaks out. This is a driect cause from having musicians for friends.

What a great birthday I had. At lunch, I was treated by my friends at work to excellent Vietnamese soup and then a Second Cup iced coffee thing (I'm not a regular and has anyone noticed it is now impossible to order a simple drink at these so called Specialty Coffee shops? I mean without attending their unversity programming to learn the names of drink types and sizes).

Anyways! Many thanks to Dan, Sabine, Gaynor and Dave for a lovely lunch.

Later in the day, Bruce met me for dinner at Lonestar in Kanata where we gorged on tex mex and Corona (OK I was the one who ordered the humungous Corona) and then headed home to what I thought would be a nice relaxing evening with a couple of friends over for cake.

A couple turned into 10 in a hurry. Thanks to Bob, Arlene, Gord, Johanne, Charlie, Nicola, Andrew and Harry for making my birthday special. And extra special thanks to my dear Bruce who arranged a very tasty cake and set the whole thing up.

Music and friends. What more can someone ask on their birthday?!

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