Thursday, April 9, 2009

Corkery Road and Other Stuff

Corkery Road had a smashing good time at Darcy McGees out in Orleans last weekend. The crowd was awesome and people were dancing up at storm until after 1 am. They wouldn't let us pack up without two much begged-for encores. Fantastic. Here's how we looked.

I think we look pretty freaking happy, myself.

See, there really were people up dancing. One woman from the East Coast got several people up. There was no choice whatsoever in the matter. She was like a tidal force. Even Charlie got caught by her.

It was a long night, but we are looking forward to going back there again.

Mother Nature shows her fickleness

We have had significant changes in weather in the last couple of weeks. We completely enjoyed the warm sun and cool nights, good sap running weather during which the girls and popped out to Lewis and Annabelle's to see their Sugaring Off process. And before we left for other adventures, Calla and Fiona and I caught picture of this summer time denizen.

Yes, that is the first butterfly of the season.
And then in a nice constrast and still in keeping with the whole nature theme, this was the scene on Tuesday looking out the front window of the house.

Snow. And big fluffy hunks of it (it is gone now) and it really messed Beaver up. The river has been high and lovely to listen to from my bedroom window. I'm sure Beaver is thinking that he may have gotten up a bit early and left the lodge too soon.

Finished Yarn Object

Despite rumours to the contrary, my arthritis has not stopped yarn or knitted item production. I may have slowed down a bit, but that has more to do with the other things I'm doing in my life (like banging a drum). I joined in a Knit-a-long (surreptitiously, of course). The Yarnarian's Mitred Scarf had me completely smitten. I put down my sock in progress (which is now done) and picked up some Noro Cashmere Island (I don't have it with me and don't know the colourway number) and completely obsessed on this baby. The result hasn't even been washed or blocked and I'm not sorry about that. It's lovely and soft and has bright colours and I am in love. Lookee, lookee!

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