Saturday, February 13, 2010


Since the last time I posted, that's what I've left you doing...Hanging. Waiting to hear the next intake of breath to learn what I've been up to.

Sorry about that. Know that it's been for the best possible reasons. I've been a bit caught up in living! Head down, nose to the grind stone, living life large. That kind of living.

Since my last post, I've been to the Prime Minister's house to play and sing. I've been celebrating with the band the release of Corkery Road's very first professionally recorded, mixed and mastered CD, I Rowed Up In A Dory. I've been on TV, helping Ottawa's /A\ Channel celebrate Robbie Burns Day (which is now on YouTube and the link will take you to the Band page that has both links to the videos).

We're gearing up for CD release parties in April. I'll tell you a bit more about that later. Oh and we have this little bit in March called Paddy's Day! So far we have 4 gigs booked between the 13th and the 17th and possibly one more on the 18th.

CR has also joined Festivals and Events Ontario so we hope that will mean you'll have the opportunity to come out and see us at different festivals over the summer months.

Oh and I've started looking after the Corkery Road website. Now I'm a web goddess at home and work!

The other group I'm in, Sounds Sweet, is working up a storm. We're setting up a web page (to be announced) and gathering some marketing material including an indie demo cd. When I figure out how to post links to those, I'll let you know.

So in case you've wondered why it is I never write, it's because I'm usually falling over from living this life so large.

Lots more to share. Someday I'll get my photos organized so I can share some of the awesome stuff last year had for me.

FYI I've also joined in again on the Knitting Olympics. Cast on for a top down sweater last night. 16 days to go! I'll post photos of that too.

I'll be back. No promises on when, but soon I hope.

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